Solar is the future

Why Solar?

With energy costs and consumption rising at an exponential rate, the need for renewable energy has never been greater. In accordance with the UAE 2030 plan for energy diversification.

MAN ENERGY brings high quality, cost-competitive solar products to help businesses ease the burden of the high cost of energy.

Why Now

The UAE is renowned for its year around sunshine. The country is eager to develop a viable solar power market given the lengthy periods of sunshine it has each year. Abu Dhabi aims to generate 7% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, while Dubai targets 5% by 2030.


growth of solar 
worldwide in 2018


drop in cost of solar
between 2008-2018


clean energy applied
in UAE before 2050

Solar Solutions

On Grid Solar

On grid solar applications connect to the utility grid for a highly cost-effective solution that keeps you powered at all times. Solar panels can be installed in a variety of locations, including rooftops, unused land, parking lots or canopies. On grid solar is a smart investment that results in a direct reduction in your electricity bill.

Off Grid Solar

Off grid solar energy applications are ideal for rural or remote areas with no connection to the power grid. As a standalone system, it draws exclusively on the sun for power, but can be backed up with a storage battery. Off grid solar gives you reliable, maintenance-free power at a much lower cost than diesel.

Hybrid Solar

Hybrid solar applications are an excellent choice for businesses who are not close to a power grid and have a high, continuous energy load. Hybrid systems utilize the power of solar with a second energy source, such as diesel or wind. With hybrid solar, you get the benefits of both solar and diesel at a lower monthly cost.

Why US

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